Interior designs, restaurants and retail store layouts. Office space, office layouts. Real estate both residential and commercial. If you need to sell or market any kind of properties, people make decisions based on what they see first. It is like "First Impressions Last". Harry can make this first impression an impressive one. Clients and customers will want to come and check out the real thing. The images will draw them in. Don't wait, book your next photoshoot now!


For architects, designers, real-estate agents and interior designers, Harry provides a custom service that is tailored to your needs. He is flexible when it comes to getting you the photographs that you need on time. Small or large, no matter the project, Harry strives to deliver consistently high quality images. Book Harry for an appointment now!


There is something about steel and the people who forge cold metal into impressive products. Harry knows how to communicate with those people because he is one of them. Harry has an engineering background and has worked for several years hands-on in the industrial workspace. He understands your industry.


Harry's agricultural images are proof of his passion for this sector. All things growing on the land and in glass houses bursting with texture, colour and a never repeating randomness in shapes and sizes. Harry loves talking to the people who work the land, who bring food and colour to our lives. Photographing agriculture is an act of love.


Harry's people photography or portraiture display expression, personality, and the business connection of the subject. The focus of the photograph is the person's face, although the connection with the persons environment is very important too. The images radiate the persons occupation through mood and expression.


Great ships on the wide ocean, laden with products for far-away destinations. The brute force required to move these giants through the water. Tractors, loaders and other machinery supporting the people who work the land. Transporting goods and products by all means before they reach their end destination. Harry's photographs show his enthusiasm for large machinery and transportation giants. A hand cart or a container ship, ask Harry to photograph your fleet.


If you've ever heard the saying 'one picture is worth a thousand words', you'll know it is true. High quality photography is the difference between selling one or two products, or thousands of the same product. Use professional photographs to market your wares, showcasing them to your potential audience. Develop a portfolio of stunning product shots for use on your company's website, in marketing brochures, on social media and more... Start your sales machine spinning today!

NZIPP Awards

A collection of Harry's award-winning images from New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography. The Iris Awards are an important platform for showcasing the outstanding talent of NZ professional photographers. Harry has earned the status of Grand Master of Photography. Enjoy this gallery!