Harry Janssen

Spectacular Photography and Design is Harry Janssen's key signature.

Evolving from advanced knowledge and awareness of the way visual dynamics in images can speak to the viewer, Harry is one of the finest talents in his field.

Official recognition has endorsed his abilities many times over; Harry has a substantial Portfolio of award-winning Photography, having scooped up Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards from the New Zealand Institute of Photography and Design Iris Awards. He has also been sought after as a Judge for this prestigious event, devoting his time and expertise in this capacity twice. Harry's advanced equipment and knowledge enables him to shoot Commercial, Creative/Fine Art and Individual Photography that is of the highest calibre.

Harry's talent for Photography and Design, combined with his technical skills in utilising state-of-the-art technologies, have also ensured a stream of professional endorsements for his services creating materials for Marketing and Public Relations projects. From Logos, to Business Cards, Brochures, Newsletters, Book Publishing and everything in between. He has worked for well-known names and businesses to help secure and extend their reputations and branding in a competitive marketplace.

'A Creative with a difference', Harry takes pride in ensuring his Photography and Design work tells a story that is enhanced with his technical expertise and a talent for seeing, second to none.

"Why do I work with images? For me, it is a way to express myself. To capture the essence of vision is to storyboard the beauty in life... to capture what I saw and express the way either I or others may see it, so that the image has a life of its own. For me, this way of seeing, being able to capture the essence of a vision I or my client has, is something I just love to do.

"Whether you require Photography or Design services, or wish to learn more to produce thought-provoking imagery yourself, I would love to work with you.”

Harry is based in Pukekohe, Franklin.