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Wow, learning in a really clear way about the functions of the camera, stuff that I knew of but not about! Really excited to start putting it into practice, now I have a much clearer idea of how my camera works and what is important in creating photographs.

Thank you!

Sophia, Auckland NZ
Student of Harry Janssen's Digital SLR Workshop

I found it really helpful to understand the workings of the camera. I needed to understand ISO and exposure and Harry has explained these well. I find it VERY useful to have the written and diagrammatic information with the verbal explanation - it helps me to remember.

Great discussion and sharing of knowledge and information.

Met my expectations and it was great fun!

Nikki, Auckland NZ
Student of Harry Janssen's Digital SLR Workshop

In the process of taking my Photography more seriously, I recently purchased Adobe’s Creative Cloud Suite – knowing almost nothing about it – although everybody told me it was the only way to go.

I had used Photoshop previously, in a very limited way, but had never used Lightroom having always used Apple’s Aperture Program.  Whilst on a Photo walk with Harry, he told me that he is an Adobe Expert, and is qualified to teach their products.

I booked a session with Harry, remembering to "only download” the programs.  He helped me to set up Lightroom, and showed me the best way to lay-out and title the albums/folders to make it easy for me to find my images again in the future.  He also took me through some of the basic image adjustment options.

He has kept in touch, to make sure all is going well, and also gave me the option to contact him at any time, should I need help.  If you need any help with these programs – give Harry a call.

Thanks Harry.

Kind regards

Clive Davey

Due to my health condition, it has become impossible to do my chosen profession of medicine. Photography and postproduction work have become a very important part of my daily life, it gives me a lot of enjoyment and it is a good thing to keep my mind occupied and combat depression.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite of software is professional standard software for working with images. It is however a fair undertaking to come to grips with these amazing pieces of software. But I knew that was what I wanted because many of my fellow members in the photo club told me that it was the best choice.  I had used Photoshop Elements only but not Lightroom. 

Thank heavens I got to know Harry who is an Adobe Qualified Expert. He helped me set-up the software and got me going with some lessons. Practice makes craft they say, but sometimes due to my health requirements I can’t spend enough time to really learn Lightroom. I also have a problem with memory, partly due to disease and partly drug side-effects. So, I need to pick-up the thread and sometimes repeat where I have already been. Harry perfectly picks up that thread every time to get me back on track again.

He checks regularly to check if I need anything and that all is going well. He is extremely flexible and indeed several times he has visited me in the weekend.

If you are thinking of getting Lightroom and Photoshop, call Harry to help you set it up.

Book some lessons with him; it will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Thanks Harry.

Kind regards

Dr. Erich Prumm (Rex-Pix)

Harry is fantastic!

I recently had lightroom, photoshop and workflow help and tuition from him. I totally wish I hadn't waited so long to do this. Harry explained everything in a way I could follow and understand.

And that's saying something because I am totally un-techy.

I now feel like I'm working efficiently and faster, and a lot more confident in what I'm doing.

Mala Patel
Mala Photography

If you are looking for tuition in Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop, then look no further than Adobe expert Harry Janssen.  Similarly, if you are wanting to enhance your camera skills and photography style, Harry will take you there.

What was meant to be a two hour tutorial for me, quickly turned into a four hour session.  Such was my enthusiasm to glean everything from Harry’s mental encyclopedia!

Harry’s approach to teaching is to start at the beginning, so although I had LR installed,  he took me from scratch - importing and filing images; setting up folders; collections and rating the files.

He showed me so many short cut tips - I almost couldn’t keep up, but somehow they have stuck with me - and are a life saver in editing batches of files.

He also worked on some of my images to show me the basic process of editing, starting at the beginning to the final export.

Since this original tutorial, Harry has always been ‘on tap’ and has assisted me with things I wasn’t ‘getting’ or could complete on a file - in both LR and PS.

Harry is one of the most accomplished photographers in New Zealand and very highly respected in the industry.  I’ve had the pleasure of shooting with him, and again the way he shares his skills and knowledge in the field is done in an easy to understand and fun style.

I can’t recommend Harry highly enough for anything to do with photography, design - and friendship.

Moira Blincoe LPSNZ
Photographer of newborns, babies and mums-to-be

"Where do I begin...

I've been out of the industry for over 9 years after deciding to be a stay at home mum.

When my youngest went back to school this year I decided to get back into what I love, Photography.  However to find a course that catered to my skill set was near impossible. I already knew how to take pictures and used Photoshop regularly, but with new technologies coming out I needed to go back  for a refresher.  Most courses were for first time photographers or students.

This is where Harry comes in, not only does he cater for your individual needs and skill set, but will also make you feel at ease as he teaches you Adobe Lightroom.  He came to my home and gave me so much 1-on-1 Lightroom knowledge and valuable information that my images are now far superior than I ever thought possible.   Along with Lightroom information he helped with the organisation of images and cut my prep time down at least 75%, meaning I have more quality time with my family. 

I would highly recommend Harry to anyone wanting to know about Lightroom or Photography in general - will definitely be using his services in the future.

Thank you Harry!!"

Callena Lewis, Auckland NZ
Student of Harry's Lightroom One-on-One Sessions